Sweeties – Foundation for Children with Diabetes” „Słodziaki” (direct translation: „sweeties” – which has a double meaning in Polish – 1. used to describe very attractive, nice persons, very often used to describe children 2. used to define persons with diabetes).

Foundation CEO: my name is Aleksandra Myczkowska-Utrata and I am the mother of two diabetic boys – Paweł, who is 13 years old and Tomasz – 6 years old. Along with my husband, Piotr Utrata, Paweł and Tomasz’s father, and Mrs Urszula Młynarczyk, a friend of the family, we decided to set up a Foundation  for Children with Diabetes – “Sweeties”, which was legally established in February 2017.

Our main goals  Polish version

Our main goals are:

– to educate via our blog and website – which will provide useful information for new diabetics and their families, including instructive films, stories from our daily life with two diabetics at home, translations of international news articles about diabetes etc.;

– to support diabetology clinics especially The Children’s Memorial Health Institute (e.g. providing materials for parents of young diabetics);

– to promote useful information for diabetics on food and beverage products – making carbohydrate counting easier for the youngest diabetics.

Who we are  Polish version

The “Sweeties – Foundation for Children with Diabetes“ was established in February 2017. Created from our hearts and from experience of bringing up two small diabetic children – Paweł, age 13, a Sweetie since 2012 and Tomasz, age 6, a Sweetie since 2013.

You can read more about our  statutory goals here.

By applying these goals in our daily lives, we want to make life easier for Sweeties and their parents by sharing our personal experience and support them with our practical knowledge and materials which come in handy on a daily basis.

Foundation Authorities  Polish version


  • Piotr Utrata
  • Urszula Młynarczyk

The Council of the  Foundation:

  • Marta Wysocka-Mincewicz (The diabetology and endocrynology clinic: The Children’s Memorial Health Institute) – chairwomen
  • Olga Trębicka (kindergarten director)
  • Urszula Młynarczyk (Legal counsel)

The Management Board of the Foundation:

Banking account  Polish version

You can make a donation to support our statutory aims by making money transfer from an account abroad to Foundation bank account:

IBAN: PL 38 1050 1012 1000 0090 3116 2416.